Integrated Circuits

Innovation in Smart ICs

We provide high performance ICs based on an extensive library of qualified IP

Advanced Silicon’s monolithic Integrated Circuits (ICs) family ranges from simple high-voltage drivers, through mixed-mode analog and digital circuits up to small Systems-On-Chip (SOC). Our Integrated Circuits (ICs) make extensive use of a proven library focusing on key IP differentiators for electronic systems used in interactive display applications and high sensitivity X-RAY detectors. These enablers are the foundation of our digital, mixed-signal and High-Voltage (HV) libraries.

Advanced Silicon touch solutions

Digital core library

The digital core library is composed of key circuit functions covering pixel processing for LCD displays as well as pixel processing for projected capacitive touch panels. Our family of controllers enables such functionality with our embedded algorithms and when used with our driving or sensing integrated circuits. Our key digital circuits are

  • 8-bit and 32-bit embedded controllers using a RISC architecture
  • Hardware accelerators for specific applications such as capacitive touch and image processing applications.
  • Timing Controllers dedicated for various screen sizes and resolutions

Mixed-Signal core library

The mixed signal core library includes key circuit functions enabling data conversion from the analog to the digital domain and vice versa. Pre-and post-signal processing circuits are often used in combination with these converters and are part of our core analog library. Finally, physical input/output high-speed interfaces are also key circuits allowing the connectivity of our integrated circuits with the application controllers. Our key mixed-signal circuits are

  • AFEs, noise shaping filters with a high-dynamic charge sensing range
  • 8, 12, 16-bit ADCs with high-performance conversion rates
  • 6, 8-bit DACs with high-performance linearity and video conversion rates
  • High-speed interfaces for RSDS, mini-LVDS, USB2.0, I2C and SPI standards

High-Voltage (HV) core library

The High-voltage (HV) core library incorporates functionalities for driving, data conversion and power management purposes. It offers key features in terms of voltage range, number of levels and power capabilities. The driving and data conversion functions are dedicated for Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technologies. Our key High-Voltage circuits are

  • 2, 3 levels high-voltage drivers for TFT and MEMs devices with a voltage range up to 200V
  • 6, 8, 14-bit high-voltage DACs for LCD displays with a voltage range up to 40V
  • Switched mode power supplies using voltage and current mode regulators with a power range up to 30V/1A

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