LCD panels

We provide a family of TFT-LCD integrated circuits for the control of small and large displays


Thin Film Transistor technology (TFT) is the base for all modern displays. They can be processed on various substrates, the most widely used being amorphous Silicon (aSi), Poly Silicon (polySi) and single Crystal Silicon (Si). Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are formed by active matrices of TFT devices patterned in a configuration of rows and columns on which the transistors are connected and acting as switches. Each row of the matrix connects the gate of the TFT devices and each column of the matrix connects the drain terminal of the device while the source is connected to the storage capacitor of the LC pixel. Controlling the switching and the timing of the devices and the storage of the correct data voltage in each pixel is one of the main function of our LCD control chipset.

Advanced Silicon drivers / controllers LCD

High-End LCD Controllers and Drivers
A family of High-voltage Drivers and Controllers for large and medium size flat panel displays used in cockpit flight navigation instruments. Within the same products portfolio, single line LCD panels are also used for selective fiber optic switches in telecommunication instruments. These high end applications require the highest circuits accuracy as well as the highest qualification standard in terms of vibration tests, temperature life cycles, ESD immunity and EMI compatibility.


Audio/Video LCD Controllers and Drivers
Our products also extend to Audio and Video applications where single chip all-in-one controllers are the only possible solution for such small size panels. Driven by the lack of space, our all-in-one controllers are specifically designed for Chip-On-Glass (COG) bonding where the fine output pads pitch is as low as 17um leading to the highest integration density with a typical fan-out of 1500 output pins.

Thales Avionics LCD

Products Range
These HVICs are dedicated for the state-of-the-art TFT-LCD technologies. Our product range offers simple High-Voltage gate drivers, 6 to 10-bit source drivers, analog RGB source drivers, Timing controllers, power management units as well as all in one drivers.

LCD panels products

ASTLC5009 192 channels 5V TFT-LCD source driver with 6bits TTL input interface and 262k colours
ASTLC5101 480 channels 13.5V TFT-LCD source driver with 8bits RSDS input interface and 16M colours
ASTLC5204 240 channels 18V TFT-LCD source driver with analog RGB input interface and true colours
ASTLC5304 240 channels 2-levels TFT-LCD gate driver with 4-27V drive voltage
ASTLC6101 WXGA TFT-LCD timing controller supporting 18/24 bit/pixel LVDS input and 6-bit RSDS data output
TLC3151 96 channels +/-10V LC driver with 14bits DAC resolution
TLC3161 96 channels +/-10V LC driver with 14bits DAC resolution
TLC5512 QVGA TFT-LCD All-In-One driver including timing controller, source driver, gate diver and PMU

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