Touch Systems

Enabling innovative interactive displays

Our CoolVision program is an internal technology program powering and enriching continuously the Touch products roadmap of Advanced Silicon.  The target of the program is to provide a turnkey solution including Hardware, Firmware and Software for interactive and intelligent Displays capable of interacting with the user and its near field environment. The CoolTouch™, CoolPEN™ and AirTouch™ technology platforms are the key enablers of the program


The CoolTouch™ platform is dedicated for Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) screens and includes a family of 32-bit touch controllers with embedded firmware running complex algorithms with advanced and outstanding features. Combined with our family of high-sensitivity Analog Front End (AFE) of 16-bit resolution, the CoolTouch™ platform has generated a wide family of Control Board (CB) products for touch screens ranging from 10” up to 84”. The typical key differentiators of the CoolTouch™ family are:

  • High-speed report rate (Up to 200Hz)
  • 60+ Touch points
  • Palm recognition
  • Water rejection
  • Passive pen with 2mm tip
  • Objects recognition
  • Touch Interactors (“Tactors™”)


The CoolPEN™ platform is developed on the basis of the CoolTouch™ platform with an additional processing layer of capacitive active devices such as active pens with tip dimensions as small as 1mm. The CoolPEN™ family includes 32-bit controllers with embedded firmware running proprietary complex algorithms capable of processing simultaneously advanced touch features and digital pen features. The CoolPEN™ controllers use our new family of AFE with a unique way of sensing touch capacitance changes with 16-bit resolution and capacitive coupling of the digital pen signal with a high dynamic range. The CoolPEN™ platform has generated a new family of Control Board (CB) products for touch screens ranging from 10” up to 84” as well as a new family of active pens, the SmartPen.
Additional key differentiators of the CoolPEN™ family are:

  • Simultaneous Touch-Pen processing
  • Pen tip smaller than 1mm
  • Capacitive force sensing
  • > 256 force levels
  • Hovering distance as high as 10mm
  • Accuracy as low as 0.2mm


The AirTouch™ platform is the ultimate technology platform under development in Advanced Silicon for advanced and intelligent displays with a high level of awareness of the surrounding environment while interacting with the user. The AirTouch™ platform is a fusion of the previous 2D touch platforms with an additional processing layer of the near field 3D space above the screen. It combines PCT and optical sensing technologies embedded in the same algorithm and running in our 32-bit controllers in parallel with powerful CPUs. The AirTouch™ platform will generate a family of new Control Board (CB) products for touch screens ranging from 27” up to 84” and featuring additional key differentiators:

  • 3D objects modeling
  • Hovering distance up to 50cm
  • Gesture recognition
  • Objects recognition

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