Advanced Silicon provides a turnkey IC solution starting from design specification to finished goods supply.

Flexible fabless chip design model

From the system-level specification to the delivery of qualified integrated circuits (ICs), Advanced Silicon takes advantage of its structural flexibility and rich production network to meet client’s need. With our fabless model, we offer a variety of silicon process nodes optimized for our customer applications

Advanced Silicon touch solutions

In-house testing capability

Advanced Silicon has its own in-house testing capability for wafer test. Although packaging and final test are outsourced to qualified testing houses, Advanced Silicon has a full control and mastership of its testing strategy by developing and qualifying internally its test programs on a duplicated in-house test platform as the one used in the testing house.


Product Reliability Qualification

Advanced Silicon commits to different grades of product quality requirements ranging from JEDEC and MIL standards to the automotive AEC-Q100 standards. Basic in-house qualifications are performed prior to the final qualification execution by certified laboratories. We provide:

  • Set-up burn-in board for life test and package environmental test qualification
  • HTOL / TCT test qualification according to MIL/JEDEC standards
  • ESD and TLP for ESD cells performance qualification

In-house Failure Analysis Capabilities

Thanks to its internal most advanced equipment, Advanced Silicon can guarantee a fast failure analysis loop of field return parts by performing accurate analysis and understanding of the failure’s root cause.


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